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Six free puzzles to celebrate
the opening of The Alchemist

Well done!
You've solved the secret of
The Alchemist!
Here's a congrats video
from Francine and Victor.
The winner will be picked on
Thursday January 5th!

The above diagram is where you
fill in the answers after
making an account.

The puzzles themselves are hosted on our Instagram account


These puzzles were originally part of a contest. We've decided to keep the answer platform public for anyone to enjoy them still. During the original contest, every week there were two prizes:

A beautiful home mystery, via lottery

For the fastest solver each week: immortal glory - your name will be embedded somewhere in our live escape room The Alchemist, in perpetuity (or as long as it exists)

Marvin's Island

Week 1

Marvin's Island

Diorama The Vandermist Dossier

Week 2

The Vandermist Dossier

Society of Curiosities Madok's Lost Treasure

Week 3

Society of Curiosities
Madok's Lost Treasure

A full season of the Curious Correspondence Club

Week 4

A full season of the
Curious Correspondence Club

Spectre & Vox 3D Haunted House Escape Room

Week 5

Spectre & Vox 3D
Haunted House Escape Room

Codex Silenda

Week 6

Codex Silenda

Those intrepid puzzlers who solved each of the 6 puzzles and figured out the final puzzle get added to a lottery to win the Grand Prize:
Grand prize
VIP team ticket to play The Alchemist, worth €240,-
Two nights at design hotel Zoku in two double rooms for your TEAM OF 4, worth €1120,-
Rare tour behind the scenes at Sherlocked HQ
4 pairs rare (and nearly extinct) Society of Crossed Keys SoCKs

The Fastest Solver

The fastest solver each week gets an easter egg mention in The Alchemist! For instance, you might appear as the writer of one of these books:
Advanced Cryptography
by Your Name Here
The Society of Crossed Keys:
Fact and Fiction
by Your Name Here
Puzzle People and
Where to Find Them
By Your Name Here
The Brightest Minds in Alchemy
by Your Name Here
A layer of books


Final Puzzle
1Patrick214Netherlands24-11-2022 17:14:35
OkapiKidUnited States24-11-2022 17:14:56
3kellilang5United States24-11-2022 17:15:03
4NiklasNetherlands24-11-2022 17:15:12
5yaaaaaasmineUnited States24-11-2022 17:15:26
6Marcela29mdNetherlands24-11-2022 17:15:31
TheKaptainUnited States24-11-2022 17:15:51
SirKirkiusNetherlands24-11-2022 17:16:06
FMR27Netherlands24-11-2022 17:16:14
10JuliaherkommerNetherlands24-11-2022 17:16:17
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About The Alchemist

Our most magical adventure yet. Over 3 years in the making, bursting with technomagic, smoking potions and a dangerous ritual.
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Tip 1: In your Instagram app put @sherlocked on notifications so you directly know when we post a new puzzle (we launch one every week on Thursday between 5pm and 8pm Central European Time)

Tip 2: Have a laptop handy, it can give an advantage sometimes to display the puzzle on a bigger screen